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Emerging Professionals

April 01, 2019 5:14 PM | Anonymous

Spring Greetings!

My name is Rikki Stone, and I have the wonderful opportunity to lead Emerging Professionals for the OKHR State Council. This is my first year serving in this role, and I am very excited to work with all of the local professional and student chapters.

I am both a student and a HR professional that has been in the field for almost three years. I am currently the president of the HR student chapter at my university. In my experience, I have realized that there is a disconnect between students, new HR professionals, and the local chapters. My goal is to help bridge that gap. My passion is connecting others with opportunities to grow and develop their network.

Whether you are a student chapter looking for resources and information or a local professional chapter looking for ideas to implement an Emerging Professionals (EP) program, I am here to help.

As you may know, there are wonderful OKHR events coming up to engage EPs across the state. There will be one in May in Norman and one in September in Tulsa.  I will make sure the information is sent out to all chapters.

SHRM has a Young Professionals Advisory Council that would be great to connect with for brainstorming ideas or getting feedback on a program, project, or event. SHRM also has a Student Volunteer Leader Center with information regarding student chapter management and awards.


2019 YPAC


Student Volunteer Leader Center


Feel free to reach out to me if I can ever be of assistance by clicking here

Rikki Stone

OKHR – Emerging Professionals

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