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  • May 07, 2019 1:43 PM | Anonymous

    TransformHR OKHR 2019 State Conference

    4 Ways to Transform Your Experience  

    • Build Relationships:  There are quite simply no better way to Transform your career then the time you will spend at the 2019 OKHR State conference then networking with new people and old friends. Take the time to sit at a table in which you don’t know the majority of the people, make connections that may lead to your future success.
    • Get Social: Connect with people on Social Networking site like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I always love reading a someone’s insights and meeting them in real life.  Don’t forget the hashtag #OKHR2019 as you post.  
    • Find Solutions: Another great way to Transform your standing at work and career at the #OKHR2019 is by learning about and analyzing the solutions offered in the Solution Center (i.e., Exhibit Hall). The best way to enter the C-Suite is to be ready with a solution prior to the outbreak of an issue. It provides expedited resolutions and proves you have the vision to look beyond the complacency of today to see the opportunities of tomorrow.  
    • Listen Intently: The last and perhaps most obvious way to Transform your experience at #OKHR2019 is the opportunities’ provided through our amazing line up of speakers. Laugh and Learn with Connie Podesta on Wednesday.  Awaken your inner GIANT with Dr. Nathan Melloe and prepare for the year ahead with our Legal Grind by the attorneys of Crowe & Dunlevy. The Keynotes alone are going to provide terrific insight that will move you forward in your role as an HR professional. When you combine those keynotes with the incredible breakout sessions that are planned, you can’t help but gain critical insights that will lead to future successes.

    Lastly, thank a volunteer.  We have over 650 attendees, nearly one hundred exhibitors and dozens of dedicated volunteers that make this conference happen.  So if you see one in the hall, please give them a high five and a big thank you.  It’s there efforts that make truly Tranform HR.

  • April 26, 2019 3:04 PM | Anonymous


    We are so excited to host the 2019 OKHR Conference in Norman this year and have some exciting new additions.  New this year, Ricky DeFalco, is pulling together a fantastic fundraising event with a wine/beer/pull for $25 a pull with the added surprise of a potential gift attached to the pull.  In addition, we will have Kendra Scott and Rustic Cuff on sight for a limited time with the option to purchase new spring jewelry.  Rustic Cuff has created a custom “I love HR” charm in the conference colors in both silver and gold for $52.  A portion of all sales will go towards the Foundation fundraiser.  For those of you who are “I heart HR man”, perhaps purchase one for a mother’s day gift?  We hope to see many of our friends and colleges in a couple of weeks and if you’re not able to join but would like to purchase a bracelet or would like to pre-order, please visit:   https://www.okhr.org/page-18133

    Wine & Beer Pull with a Twist 

    At this years TransformHR Conference will have our own version of a wine/beer pull.  The twist is that we will have specially marked wine/beer that will have a prize included.  No one will know which bottles will contain a prize until you unwrap your purchase.  This event will be more like a Wine and Beer Pull Raffle.  Unlike a typical raffle, everyone wins a bottle of wine/beer and some will also win a donated prize.  

    100% of your purchase will go directly to the SHRM Foundation.

    Rustic Cuff - I LOVE HR Custom Bracelet

    This beautiful piece of jewelry is only available through The TransformHR Conference.

    A mix of 6mm stainless steel beads, shamballa beads and silicone beads. It is available in gold or silver and includes a custom I Love HR pendent.  The beads and pendent have been custom designed to reflect the TransformHR Conference colors.    

    Price per bracelet $52 = a $17 donation to the SHRM Foundation (Limited Supply available)

    Rustic Cuff

    Just in case you needed an excuse to get some beautiful new jewelry just in time for Summer.  We are giving you a great reason to make a purchase at our event.

    We are so excited to have Oklahoma’s very own Rustic Cuff onsite.  They have been very generous to donate their time and resources to help us raise money for the SHRM Foundation.

    May 8th

    20% of all onsite sales will go directly back to the SHRM Foundation

    Kendra Scott

    The Kendra Scott company maintains a focus on its customers and the causes close to their hearts, abiding by the mantra “What Matters to You, Matters to Us.”  The SHRM Foundation matters to us and Kendra Scott is generously sending their associates and beautiful jewelry to our conference for you. 

    May 9th

    20% of all sales at the conference will be donated directly to the SHRM Foundation

  • April 18, 2019 2:31 PM | Anonymous

    Have you ever wondered what is the secret sauce to ensure you get the most out of a professional conference or any conference for that matter? We all know the importance of attending conferences….Right? Pre-conference events, Continuing Education, keeping up with evolving trends in the marketplace, services that are available in your industry, but most importantly the opportunity for NETWORKING. Why is the networking so important? Networking is preparing you for a future opportunity, growth and development.  If you don’t feel comfortable with networking, it is past time to overcome that level of discomfort and master the skill of networking.  Let me give you a few simple steps you can use to make networking work for you.

    1. Be Selective.

    Look at all the events in your selected business area and do your homework. Ask others in your network what events they go to and get their insight. We can always make money, but never make time. Choose what events you will attend wisely and attend them regularly. You cannot build relationships based on a one shot mentality.

    2. Look, Listen and Learn.

    Be very cognoscente of your surroundings and watch how other professionals handle themselves at each event. Listen carefully as other networkers introduce themselves to you and how they explain what they do and what they are looking to accomplish while they are there. The best and most polished professionals accept the fact that they will never stop learning.

    3. Master Your Message

    A business networking event is a great place to become one with your message and become unconsciously conscience of what you say and do. You have 30 seconds to convey your elevator pitch i.e. who you are, what you do, what makes you different from others and why someone would want to work with you. That message needs to be the same to all. The more you listen and learn from others and the more you repeat your message, the more refined it becomes and the more polished you become.

    4. Position yourself as "The Expert" in your given field.

    People don't care what you know until they know that you care. Caring about your industry will show through by your level of knowledge of your industry and its trends. If you were to refer someone to a professional, you would want to know that they will be in good hands, so would others when they refer to you.

    5. Increased Visibility

    As the saying goes, " Out of sight, out of mind." If you are going to look to establish long lasting business relationships, you first need to establish yourself as a networking professional that others would absolutely want to have in their network, showing up is 80% of the success you will have as a professional business networker. In other words, when others see you appear at different business networking events, their acceptance for you grows stronger and you will attract top networkers to you.

    6. New Business Relationships = New Business

    Strategic alliances, joint ventures, quality recruiting, and referrals are but only a few of what comes from a new business relationship and new business relationships start very nicely at business networking events. Attending the event itself is very important but only the first step. The fortune is in the follow up. Everything depends on everything you do with your new found business relationship after the event. This will turn your new relationship into new business.

    7. Look to build on the tools of your trade.

    Networking events are not only a great way to build upon your business by getting new business, it's also a great way to find professionals that will help you make your business run smoother. Networking events attract sales professionals, attorneys, accountants, marketing professionals, website developers, promoters and many others that can help you along in making things run smoother in your day to day business. Watch for those who supports your profession  and ask how they can help you.  You never know when you will need an external resource.

    8. Building Your Professional Team.

    In today's business world it is crucial to have the right people on your team. Networking events also attract people that are looking for new opportunities. In today's ever changing job market, many professionals have been displaced through downsizing and are looking for a position that will take full advantage of their talents. You may, very well, find people that can take your business to the next level at a networking event.

    9. High Touch Meets High Tech.

    Going out and meeting people face to face and looking them in the eye while shaking their hand triggers a bunch of emotions that compels others to react to you, that is exactly what networking events do. The next step is where high tech comes in. Once you have triggered those emotions connect with each of those professionals in social media on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. This will give them a chance to keep you in their sights and on the front line of their day to day communication outlets while getting to know you better.

    And the top 10 reason to the key of networking.

    Lie, Cheat and Steal,

    Lie in bed at night thinking where you want to be in terms of success in your business profession and what you will do to attain that success.

    Cheat away some precious time from your schedule to attend business networking events every week.

    Steal the best introduction lines and questions from the best professional networkers you meet and tweak them to make them your own.

    Try these tips at a live networking event. If you're in the Norman area come to OKHR 2019 State Conference.  Join other Oklahoma, Texas and other professionals in the Mid-West that are ready to connect, at the OKHR Networking event, for an outstanding experience. Whether you are new to networking or a seasoned pro, a OKHR Conference Committee member will greet you, find out exactly what you are wanting to accomplish at our event and point you in the right direction, assuring your night to be a success. Start connecting now with other OKHR Conference attendees at the amazing networking we have prepared for you! 

    See you there and Happy Networking!

    Michelle Killingsworth, MBA,  SHRM-CP, PHR

  • April 01, 2019 5:14 PM | Anonymous

    Spring Greetings!

    My name is Rikki Stone, and I have the wonderful opportunity to lead Emerging Professionals for the OKHR State Council. This is my first year serving in this role, and I am very excited to work with all of the local professional and student chapters.

    I am both a student and a HR professional that has been in the field for almost three years. I am currently the president of the HR student chapter at my university. In my experience, I have realized that there is a disconnect between students, new HR professionals, and the local chapters. My goal is to help bridge that gap. My passion is connecting others with opportunities to grow and develop their network.

    Whether you are a student chapter looking for resources and information or a local professional chapter looking for ideas to implement an Emerging Professionals (EP) program, I am here to help.

    As you may know, there are wonderful OKHR events coming up to engage EPs across the state. There will be one in May in Norman and one in September in Tulsa.  I will make sure the information is sent out to all chapters.

    SHRM has a Young Professionals Advisory Council that would be great to connect with for brainstorming ideas or getting feedback on a program, project, or event. SHRM also has a Student Volunteer Leader Center with information regarding student chapter management and awards.


    2019 YPAC


    Student Volunteer Leader Center


    Feel free to reach out to me if I can ever be of assistance by clicking here

    Rikki Stone

    OKHR – Emerging Professionals

  • March 25, 2019 11:20 AM | Anonymous

    Happy Spring Fellow HR Certified Professionals,

    My name is Lisa Fleming and I am delighted to lead HR certification for the OKHR State Council.  This is my fourth year on the Council and second year as Certification Director and I must say, it is an exciting time to be CERTIFIED!  As you may have heard, over 100,000 HR pros have attained SHRM certification since its inception in 2015.  On average, 30% of local chapter members and SHRM national members are certified – so what are you waiting for?  All the cool kids have initials on their signature blocks. J

    Regardless of where you are in your Certification Journey, the SHRM website has a plethora of information, resources, brochures, tools, exam prep guides covering topics such as:

    • ·         Who is eligible for the SHRM certification
    • ·         Which credential is right for you
    • ·         How to prepare for the SHRM exams
    • ·         Top 5 ways your employer will benefit from your certification
    • ·         Learn how to maintain your SHRM certification

    From the SHRM website, navigate to Learning & Career > Certification > SHRM Certification FAQs for general certification questions or click All Things SHRM Certification to go directly to the SHRM Certification Portal.  In addition, if you are a chapter certification leader or volunteer, you can find resources and certification promotional materials in the Volunteer Leader Resource Center - VLRC Tools & Resources.

    So What’s New?  

    SHRM is excited to introduce these awesome new HR Specialty Certifications -


    You can build specialized knowledge and expand your influence by earning a SHRM Specialty Credential. These credentials allow HR professionals to demonstrate targeted competence in several key areas while enhancing credibility among peers and employers. Earning SHRM Specialty Credentials is an investment in your continued career development and can be accomplished by engaging in content-specific, competency-based education and achieving a successful score on an online assessment. Specialty Credentials are an approved professional development activity for recertification credits towards your SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® certification.  An FAQ about these exciting new credentials can be found HEREComing soon – HR Department of One and US Employment Immigration Specialty Credentials.

    What Else Do You Want?  Free Money? 

    Don’t forget about SHRM Certification Scholarships - $750 for SHRM Certification exam and preparation.  Minimum of 220 Scholarships are awarded each year – dozens of Oklahoma HR pros have earned certification scholarships – including yours truly. J Individuals can find scholarship application deadlines and eligibility information on the SHRM website.  Chapters can also earn a certification scholarship to assist with sponsoring a study group – check out the details HERE

    More Free Money…..Pay attention Oklahoma Chapter HR leaders - Chapters in good standing will receive $20 per each chapter member who is a SHRM member in good standing, primarily coded to the chapter, and recertifies for SHRM Certification during 2019.  Spread the word about SHRM Certification to your members and check out the VLRC.  You will find certification promotional materials and study group toolkits.  Remind your membership that SHRM hosts quarterly live “Ask a Counselor” chats to answer certification and recertification questions. 

    Let’s Wrap this UP!  

    If you are just starting your SHRM Certification Journey, we are here to help; answer your questions, help you prepare, ease your anxiety, and support you all the way.  My contact information can be found below and on the OKHR website or check your local SHRM chapter for resources on certification. Let me know if you have certification or recertification questions and/or how I can assist you with your Certification Journey to Greatness!

    Hope to see everyone at the Certification Lounge at the Oklahoma State Conference & Expo, May 8th – 10th at the Embassy Suites in Norman.  Register Now!

    Lisa Fleming, SHRM-SCP, GPHR, SPHR

    OKHR – Director of Certification


  • January 30, 2019 4:19 PM | Anonymous

    Happy New Year, Oklahoma HR Professionals!

    I am so excited to begin my first full calendar year as your OKHR Membership Director. If you have met me, you know that it doesn’t take long to learn that I am super passionate about all things HR. This includes our local chapters, the state council, SHRM and our profession and community. I LOVE HR and I am happy to talk about.

    One of the reasons that I am so passionate about membership is because of my personal experiences with my local chapter. Early in my career, I began my first role as a “department of 1” and was encouraged by my awesome CEO to “build my network”. You see, I was already taking advantage of the great tools that SHRM provides through my national SHRM membership, but I lacked the network. That group of local-ish, like-minded professionals that could help me with vendor resources, troubleshooting issues and developing best practices.

    As you can guess, my local chapter experience was invaluable. I was quickly brought into the heart of the organization and surrounded by “my people” (that’s you). Along the way, I have developed my network, my vendor resources and made some pretty great friends. This is why I am so passionate about getting our Oklahoma HR professionals involved in a local chapter. I have experienced the greatness!

    One of my goals this year, is to engage our at-large members into a local chapter. Members “at-large” are those individuals that hold a national SHRM membership but are not members of a local chapter. SHRM provides a few resources for us to engage these individuals that I want to share with and encourage you and your local chapters to take advantage of.

    First, SHRM will provide (2) “e-blasts” each calendar year to our local chapters. This means that twice a year, SHRM will send an email on the chapter’s behalf, to all of the at-large members within the zip code range of the chapter. A good use of these blasts are special events you would like to promote that might gain their attendance. Note: There are e-blasts for 100% chapters (you know who you are) and e-blasts for everyone else. Use this link to find the one that is right for your chapter. The request form is enclosed in the link for your group. https://community.shrm.org/vlrc/membership/membership-chapters/marketing-samples

    Second, you can request a mailing list of your at-large members to be used one time for a physical mail blast (this list provides physical mailing addresses only). You can access the link to request that through the same link I provided above.

    We will continue to provide resources and tools throughout the year to be able to achieve our overall state goal of growing membership by 10%. I think, the resources above are a great start. If you haven’t taken advantage of these opportunities yet, just give them a try. Engaging 1 new at large member will be worth it!

    Please let me know if I can do anything to make your membership journey easier.

    Here we come 2019! Get ready for us!

    Kristi Spaethe, SHRM-CP, PHR

    OKHR Membership Director

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