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June 8, 2020

If the past several weeks has taught us anything, it is that those that stand complicit are no less guilty.  As HR professionals we have a responsibility to stand up, speak out and ACT.   

OKHR stands in solidarity with all Human Resource professionals, our organizations and communities who are mourning.   We understand that we must educate ourselves to learn the history of inequality and, create partnerships to overcome it. Our goal is to become a trusted ally, but we understand we are not there, yet. 

As HR professionals, we must:

·         Practice and work to implement Anti-Racism in our places of work.

·         Lead with empathy, practice active listening, and provide support. 

·         Build an environment that fosters a culture where everyone can thrive, is respectful and honors all.

·         Step up, speak out and ACT when we see racism and injustice.

HR professionals must stand together against Systemic and Institutional Racism and Injustice.  This is no longer an issue of legal obligation, founded in Federal and State laws, City ordinance and statutes.  This is a matter of far greater importance, the human experience.  The truth is that many policies, procedures and the like will be implemented over the next several months to show how our organizations are doing more, but compassion for your fellow man, woman and child cannot be found on well-intended, but hollow pages.  It must be found in our hearts.  

In our hearts, we must muster the strength to stand up against prejudices that would deny opportunity simply because of skin color, address, previous incarceration or spelling of one’s name.  In our hearts, we must move past the fear to speak out against everyday injustices that enable systemic racism and expectations of inequality for our coworkers of color.  In our hearts, we cannot be caught up in a momentary movement, and forget this is an everyday reality for so many.  We must move past good intentions and ACT to create organizations that fosters equality and opportunity. 

As HR professionals we have a responsibility to stand up, speak out and ACT.   


Mike Shaw                              
OKHR Director, 2019-2020    

Heidi Hartman                      
OKHR Director, 2021-2022

Michelle Killingsworth
OKHR Director 2017-2018

Oklahoma D&I Resources


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