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  • February 17, 2023 12:40 PM | Anonymous

    Place of Business:
    Oklahoma Blood Institute

    Job Location:
    Oklahoma City, OK

    Position Description:
    Oklahoma Blood Institute is looking for a Human Resources professional in the Oklahoma City area. This position, which has a company-wide scope of operation, travel and influence has a broad focus that may be managed based on the current need and situational criticality intended to assist departmental and executive management in enhancing employee job satisfaction, morale, personal and professional growth, and ultimately, employee retention, with the intended result of increased employee longevity, reduced turnover and increased productivity.

    These goals will ultimately be achieved through the development of programs and relationships across the organization to improve management awareness of influences on employee job satisfaction and "championing" executive awareness of hygienic and other fundamental organizational shortcoming and the development of countermeasures to correct the identified needs.

    Reporting to the Associate Vice President of Human Resource, this position will be considered a "partner resource" as needed throughout the organization to address potential retention impacting issues which may include but are not limited to issues of compensation, working conditions, culture, job expectations, organizational change, management/supervisory style and Human Resources standards and operational policies.

    This position is also responsible for company-wide communication of Human Resources Policies and Procedures to management and supervisory staff as a refresher for seasoned staff and to provide real time initial training for new members of management. This position will be responsible for coordination and administration of other morale, values and character related programs as directed by Executive Management.

    Lastly, this position will work in concert with other HR Staff to assist with and share in oversight of employee relations situations that may arise from time to time, to include responding to Alert Line intakes, conducting situational investigations and coordinating resolution procedures with regional, local and departmental management.

    Duties & Responsibilities: 
    Collect input and data and develop their own opinion from multiple resources, to include management and employee interviews as well as historical exit interviews and other direct employee communications regarding the reason why people leave OBI employment and what could have been done to prevent their departure or even their commencement of an initial job search.

    Develop a thorough understanding of the nuances of the working schedules across the organization, and the most effective and least disruptive way to interact with each operational element in the data gathering and ultimately the implementation stages of this ongoing strategic mission.

    Develop an array of countermeasures, programs, influences, cultural changes, management style adjustments and any other effector, on a location by location and department by department basis that will address the specific needs of each unit to improve the job satisfaction and ultimately that retention within each unit.

    Develop and maintain a strategy for communicating “problems and solutions” with appropriate management teams and evaluation of perceived problem validity, as well as solution perceived effectiveness of proposed solutions. In concert with unit management teams, develop “rollout” strategy of proposed solutions that will minimize disruption of normal operations while increasing likelihood of success.

    In concert with and as an additional tool in the implementation of the retention improvement program, provide initial and on-going refresher training for all levels of management staff, on the use of HR Policies and Procedures to include, but not limited to written policies, procedures and SOPs, but also more nuanced techniques, styles and “best practices” as a method for improving employee work life stability and cultural improvement.

    In coordination with executive management, coordinate, administer, rollout and maintain all character, values and morale programs through enthusiastic support of these programs, evaluating effectiveness and providing accurate feedback for executive management through the use of objective measurement tools.

    Develop and administer at all OKC, Texas, and Arkansas locations motivational and inspirational programs to enhance employee philosophical development and focus on excellent performance and conduct in the workplace.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • A Bachelor's degree is preferred with at least 10 years of professional experience as a Human Resources generalist to include training and development as well as employee relations.
    • Must be available to travel on a frequent basis to all centers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas (2-3 night stays may be required)
    • Displays creativity and the ability to handle multiple complex projects at the same time.
    • Excellent personal interaction skills and the ability to display a positive attitude even during stressful events as well as organizing groups of people toward completion of a common goal or project.
    • Ability to read, understand and apply business correspondence, operating procedures and directives in the attainment of mission goals.
    • Ability to write effective business reports, develop business correspondence and develop project budgets.
    • Ability to develop and present high quality group presentations both, internally to employees and management groups as well as externally to schools, businesses and civic organizations.
    • Ability to present company and mission information in all forums and represent and inspire attendees with the passion of our mission and respond to impromptu questions, comments or concerns.
    • Ability to work with little supervision, taking initiative to complete all work in a timely manner.
    • Proficiency in MS Office, including, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
    • Excellent verbal and written communications skills. 
    • Fluent bi-lingual language skills in Spanish and English are a plus.
    • Ability to establish and maintain rapport with management and co-workers throughout the organizations.

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